Hyphen Health, LLC is a  boutique public health consulting firm with expertise in equity-focused engagement with communities.





About Us

Hyphen Health, LLC is a  boutique public health consulting firm with expertise in equity-focused engagement with communities, systems-integrated thinking, and strategic planning for sustainable impact.

We provide end-to-end technical assistance service for public and private sector organizations focused on serving their communities through a health equity lens. We design health strategies, build capacity, and drive solutions that deliver lasting impact. 



Our philosophy is to get *things* done. We understand health systems and stakeholders serving health needs face numerous hurdles. Our goal in working with you is to alleviate challenges and provide you with excellent service to ensure your vision is met.

Health Systems

The health sector, whether in public health or healthcare, is too often operational and reactive. Proactive and strategic action requires big picture thinking. We leverage our expertise across multiple sectors to help organizations realize their vision. We ground strategy with consideration around resources – immediate and long-term, to ensure all action is thoughtfully driven.

Equity and

Inequities are driving the health of our nation. From community members to policy makers, we approach our work with a mindset towards reducing disparities in health outcomes. Our framework places equity and justice first.

The Story Behind Our Name

If we could summarize our story in a few words it would be, “game recognize game.” We met while working at a corporation focused on healthcare payment. Maya McDoom-Echebiri worked on evaluation across clinical programming and Sadiya Muqueeth was a strategist in community health. As associates working in different areas of the company, we experienced the fragmentation driving our company’s internal efforts and our healthcare context at-large. 

We discussed, too often, the same problems, the same challenges, and the same solvable barriers for end users–our members and their communities. As colleagues we brought together policy, evaluation, and community engagement, we approached our work through systems thinking  and  a health equity lens. After transitioning into new roles, we realized our passion for bridging different parts of the public health and healthcare system together and addressing individuals’ health from a holistic, whole-person perspective, remained. Through this passion and drive, we established Hyphen Health, LLC. 

Our name is a reflection of not only our work but our identities. Hyphen signifies a combined meaning.   Our work, in a fragmented health system, is to connect the components that create efficient and equitable services for communities and provide support to the health workforce.

As immigrant women who hold multiple identities,
 . We connect
.  We understand context
.  And we get things done.