Hyphen Health, LLC is a  boutique public health consulting firm with expertise in equity-focused engagement with communities.





How can we help you?

Leverage the public health expertise of Hyphen Health in philanthropy, program development, and evaluation  to unlock the full potential of your organization and drive transformative change. Our comprehensive landscape analysis, strategic guidance, and technical assistance services are designed to empower you in achieving your goals to improve community well-being. 

Our capabilities are customized to understand  our clients needs. We first get to know you, learn more about  your strengths and pain points. We engage with you to define  how we can solve your needs with our key services:

Landscape Analysis
Gain a competitive edge with our comprehensive landscape analysis services.

We uncover hidden opportunities for growth and identify areas that require development through a deep dive into your organization's ecosystem, examining key metrics and benchmarks to provide you with a clear roadmap for progress.

We identify emerging trends and potential areas of growth across multiple sectors in the ever-evolving field of health.

We help you identify and map out key stakeholders, enabling you to engage with them effectively and create collaborative partnerships that drive significant change.

Strategy & Evaluation
Transform your vision into reality with our strategy services and ensure accountability with targeted evaluation.

We collaborate with you in developing an organizational pathway for growth aligned with your goals, values, and a focus on justice and equity.

We design a robust evaluation framework that measures progress, identifies areas for improvement, and maximizes impact.

We conduct background research to gain valuable insights into community dynamics to shape programs that can make a meaningful difference in your community.

Technical Assistance
Boost programmatic success with our expert technical assistance.

Gain actionable insights through our expertise in data collection and analysis methods such as surveys, interviews, and focus groups.

We provide tailored guidance on how to strengthen your team's skills and capacity to deliver your programs and enhance public health practice.

We foster collaboration by strengthening your engagement and shared knowledge with a range of partner organizations to deliver programmatic results.